Screenshot, 3D animation in orthographic view, work in progress


My work intertwines themes of nature, culture, and technology. It involves video and animation, installation, augmented reality, intermedia collaborations, and experimental 3D. I often use found objects as sources; these can be physical or digital. They comprise what’s been discarded: whether it’s data that’s become useless or corrupted; everyday household waste; or old resources of knowledge that have lost their currency. What’s deemed useless or obsolete – what we’re trying to get rid of or move on from – is charged with unintended meaning about our values and desires. I deconstruct and reconstitute these source elements – through processes like drawing, 3D modeling, augmented reality, and printed sculpture – moving my work through different digital and physical stages; embracing the intimate and the hand-made as well as machine methods.

I develop them into invented objects, spaces and topographies, in series or in single works. Sometimes it’s a critical deconstruction where the indexical nature of the source can be traced, but the original purpose or content is questioned. In other cases, it’s a poetic reclamation, where elements are completely transfigured and are no longer recognizable. I want my work to have a protean, shape-shifting quality where the boundaries between physical and virtual realities are blurred, and where materials and objects can undergo alchemical transformation.

Ultimately my work is about shifting consciousness towards a more aligned relationship with the planet and its multi-species inhabitants.