Screenshot, 3D animation in orthographic view, work in progress


Information saturation is usually the starting point for my work; my process involves fragmenting and reconstituting digital and analog information that surrounds and immerses me. I reconstruct it, creating contemplative works full of invented objects, spaces and topographies.

I create art using industry standard software such as Maya, After Effects and Photoshop, as well as open-source software, augmented reality platforms, and mobile applications. The technological innovations that make my practice possible were developed to meet other needs, such as to create military simulations, or to provide media tools for the entertainment industry.

Living in the post-digital era, I believe that using digital materials and tools is the way to examine the contemporary moment. Almost everything we experience passes through digital channels and becomes data. While I’m using the technologies developed for 21st century capitalism, the way I’m using them becomes a critique of the corporate model of technology—a model designed for consumption of media, not creativity.

Instead the technologies are used to question and reimagine the virtual and physical world around me.