Video created by Bryan Maretti

Merging Spaces

Merging Spaces is a series of virtual sculptures that combine physical and virtual modes of making, and through an augmented reality application, embodies virtual and physical ways of experiencing it. As a comment on extreme consumerism in our contemporary lifestyle, the ephemeral sculptures I create are comprised of the waste products of that lifestyle -- banal junk such as food packaging, advertising mailers, plastic bags -- as well as discarded digital information. Through physical and digital processes the objects become artworks that can be experienced as objects of contemplation.

Merging Spaces was first exhibited in a solo show at Another Year in LA gallery, LA, (5/15) and in Amalgamated Spaces, a solo show at The Building Imagination Center, CSU Stanislaus (10/15)

Screenshot, Merging Spaces 1

Screenshot, Merging Spaces 2

Screenshot, Merging Spaces 3

Screenshot, Merging Spaces 4